As a new mom of two, it gets overwhelming with everything on my plate. I am constantly trying to make sure my kids know & feel they are loved (even when throwing tantrums on the floor ). On top of that it’s so important to my husband & I that they grow up in a healthy environment… that means emotionally, physically & spiritually.

There are many experiences I see as the “norm” in raising our children that my husband never experienced, therefore it is even more important to him that we do these. From cuddles every day, to spending quality time together and eating dinner as a family.

For as much as I push healthy living in our family, getting a healthy meal on the table every night can feel overwhelming & the meals get pretty boring. I know eating the right foods is key in my children’s development & health but it’s a struggle. I’ve tried planning the whole week on Sunday & that took sooo much time. So I started planning each afternoon what we’d need for dinner & that got expensive because I was going to the grocery store almost every day.

As we get ready to start another school year this fall, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to help families figure this out. After tons of behind the scenes work, I am so excited to announce that that my team is starting a BRAND NEW branch of our business specifically focused on nutrition for busy families! We are looking for like-minded individuals to help us in this crusade to take back the family kitchen! We have hired a Registered Dietician to help us come up with the menus, but we need others who are passionate about implementation and leading themselves and other families to a healthy lifestyle!

Together, we WILL take back the kitchen! Together we WILL ignite healthy changes that give our children the BEST NUTRITION and chance for a healthy future! And the best part? It WILL be a BUDGET FRIENDLY APPROACH!

If you are interested in a FREE WEEK of meal plans, grocery list & recipes fill out this form CLICK HERE & I will share the details.