Every year we make resolutions or as I prefer to call them, goals. We start the year with good intentions and lots of motivation. Then as the first week or month passes some of the motivation fizzles and obstacles pop up. But we push through & re-focus. We can do this! Until things get more challenging, we realize it’s not as fun, people around us have quit and it becomes hard. Well this year be brave enough to press on!

Hard things = Big change!

Have 2016 be the year you achieve your goals. Whether it be in your career, your health, your relationships, your finances… wherever you are striving to make change, this is the year you will do it! Be persistent in your actions and choices you make every day! You will be amazed at what your hard work and drive can accomplish!

So lets do it together and start now! Grab a piece of paper, your ipad or laptop & start writing these things down:

  1. What are your goals for 2016 (high-level)

  2. Break that down and determine your goals for each quarter

  3. Go one step further and write down your goals for each week

  4. Now the most important part… write down your WHY. This must be so important to you that you are willing to give up everything for it. You must want it so bad that no one can stand in your way. So what is your why?

  5. Now that you have your goals you need to build your action plan. How you are actually going to accomplish these goals.

    • Be Specific

    • Include timelines

    • Write a list of what you are cutting out of your life (to make time for these new priorities)

  6. Create a vision board and put it somewhere you see every day. Whether it’s a bunch of quotes that inspire you, pictures that motivate you or a mix of both. Visualizing every day where you are going to be at the end of the year stops the hoping & changes it to happening.

  7. Create rewards for yourself. Every month or quarter if you stick to X, or accomplish Y, then you get Z. Remember these rewards should not be food related.

Here is an example of one of my goals:

  • GOAL FOR THE YEAR: Lower body fat percent from 25% to 20% & maintain it consistently

  • MY WHY: Showing my daughter what being healthy looks like & seeing her mother that loves her body with all it’s imperfections!


    • Seeing slow & steady progress – take my measurements every 3 months, don’t worry about the scale

    • Don’t beat myself up if I have a bad day or even bad week

    • Find my support system & re-evaluate every 3 months… if there are people who are not supportive then let them go.

    • Reduce my sugar intake to 25-35 grams a day. No more sugar addiction! Get to where I only intake sugar from fruits.

    • Getting stronger (increasing my weights when lifting & improve inversions in yoga)


    • Try one new healthy recipe per week

    • Tell myself every day how much I love my body (even on days I feel huge)

    • Workout 4 days a week no matter what (yoga, lifting, class, hiking or HIIT at home, etc.)

    • Start each day with warm cup of lemon water

    • Bible Study & Journal daily

  • REWARD examples: New outfit, new at-home workout equipment, new yoga mat, new water bottle, new ipad, etc.



Make 2016 the year you actually take the steps to make the changes you keep talking about. Go after the things you love to do & don’t hold back!