In relationships, you go through good & bad periods. You have to put in work to get a good foundation to have a stable & happy relationship (whether it’s marriage or friendships). Just like in health you go through good & bad times. Some months (or even for a year) you’ve maintained healthy habits & then life happens & you let it all go.

It takes commitment in both cases to stick with it no matter what. We get to make the choice. There are days I really DISLIKE my husband A LOT 😁… but I love him & am committed to our marriage. During our years we’ve gone to counseling individually & together to learn the tools it takes to build & maintain a solid relationship. The same is with healthy living… you may not always feel like working out or exercising but making a commitment & sticking to it even when you mess up is what leads to success & happiness. It’s all about showing up every day whether you want to or not!

I’ve learned I need to take care of myself first in order to have healthy relationships. You can’t be defined by your friends, peers, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner or spouse. You have to feel worthwhile & love yourself before you can give of yourself. As with health, you can’t just work on the outside but not change the inside. Working out & eating healthy are tools that will help you feel better physically. But if you don’t change the way you think about yourself you’ll never feel good enough.

I’m a better mom & wife & am healthier & happier every day when I take care of myself!