In the last couple years I’ve had to learn to not live in the past or the future & enjoy the now. I was always saying “why didn’t I…” or “when we get to…” All it did was make me unhappy with the present. I was mad we couldn’t buy a house now, travel more today, be in the perfect relationship immediately, have a baby now! But when I stopped focusing on what I didn’t have yet & what I couldn’t wait for in tomorrow, I started being a lot happier about WHERE I WAS NOW.

I stopped trying to be in control & planning my life away (this was VERY HARD!!). I started trusting God to make the best of the situations I was in. By living for today & being happy, it allowed God to open the right doors at the right time & things finally started moving. I’m happier now & I’m not always waiting for something better to happen.

With health, it’s the same thing… stop beating yourself up for what you did yesterday or last month & don’t worry about tomorrow. Focus on today… your workout, your next meal, your mental sanity with meditation, devotions or whatever you do for you. That is how you’ll meet your goals… just looking at things one day at a time.

Some days you have to drag yourself to workout or force yourself to take 10 mins for YOU but it’s so worth it! Make yourself a PRIORITY! One day at a time!!!