“Self-love, self-respect, self-worth. There is a reason they all start with “self.” You cannot find them in anyone else.”

Falling in love is easy for some & hard for others. However for the majority of people loving yourself is a daily struggle. We may love our eyes, but hate our hips, or love to manage people but hate that we can’t manage our own time. Over the last year (especially after having my daughter) I’ve had to make a conscious effort to focus on self-love.

I want my daughter to see what a strong, happy & confident woman looks like. I want her to see me love myself & my body. All the judgments, critical words (in my head & out of my mouth) had to stop! My love hate relationship with food and clothes needed to change. I won’t let her grow up thinking she’s too big, too tall, wishing her hair was straight or counting every point/macro/gram before eating something. I want her to know what healthy is & show her how it looks daily.

And it all starts with me. I have made a conscious decision to no longer judge my body every morning I get ready. I choose not to talk about things I can’t do, but instead how I can grow in my weaknesses. I want my daughter to love herself for all she is & accept everyone for who they are & that all starts with loving myself.