Welcome to my blog, DiscoverYourRoad.com!  I’m really excited to start sharing, learning, growing & discovering with everyone!

First off, I am a down-to-earth, very active, extremely organized woman who is passionate about healthy living.  I’m also a wife to my entrepreneur husband & mother to my beautiful daughter.   I’ve discovered my road has led me differently that what I initially expected but perfectly to what is best for me & my family & where I’m going.

I grew up playing sports & then competing at the collegiate level in basketball.  I have had many classes in nutrition & trained in many different forms of exercise over the years.  All leading me to FINALLY discover what works & what has held me back (sometimes for years).  I look forward to sharing these tips & plans with you in my blog.

Over the years I’ve also dealt with many food issues, digestive problems & wondering why I wasn’t ever feeling 100%.  I’ve researched, tested, seen experts & have learned what my body was lacking & what toxins I needed to remove from my lifestyle. I am finally feeling good again (& having a 13 month old & saying that means a lot).  I’m actually sleeping at night, my gut health is much better, I’m less bloated all the time, my stress level is down & I’m feeling better overall.  It’s amazing how when these things happen, you naturally start fitting into your clothes better & your mental health improves.

My mission with this blog is to motivate & inspire each one of you.  So that you can rid your life of all the toxic relationships, thoughts, foods, products and instead be healthy, strong & powerful to fully discover your the road you were meant to be on!