Health Facts

Did you know that $6.5 trillion are spent on Global Healthcare every year (World Health Organization).  Yet healthcare today is really based on medication.  So the big question is, after spending  $6.5 trillion are we really any healthier???

Here are some statistics about the healthcare industry that are pretty startling:

  • Our biggest drug problem is prescription drug abuse (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

  • Preschool aged children are the fastest growing age group being prescribed anti-depressants (National Mental Health Association).

  • The average 65 year old person is on 13 prescription medications

  • By the time you are on 3-4 medications, you are taking the additional medications to deal with all the side effects

  • The U.S. is one of the few countries where it is legal to advertise prescription medications to the end consumer

  • Doctors spend on average of 7-9 minutes with each patient

  • 106,000 people die in the U.S. every year from “correctly prescribed & correctly taken” prescription medications

  • Medical colleges receive funding from pharmaceutical companies

  • The curriculum at most medical colleges includes little to no education on nutrition and lifestyle, natural options & prevention

  • The pharmaceutical companies annually provide, on average, $11,000 of continuing education per medical doctor

Think of it like this… If your car engine light comes on what do you do? Cut the wire so the light isn’t “on” anymore? Of course not, you find out what the core problem is & address it. You give the car what it needs to run.

I am by no means someone who says don’t take any medications… it’s obviously necessary to take medications to avoid catastrophic situations. But today with Doctors spending 7-9 minutes with you once or twice a year, while they have pharmaceutical sales reps stopping by & dropping off samples weekly, it’s not surprising where modern medicine has gone. For me, it was about becoming more aware & listening to my body. Instead of just saying yes at the doctors office, I started asking questions, thinking for myself & educating myself.

This is where Essential Oils have played such a big role in my family.  Essential Oils are:


  • Essential oils are extracted from plants & not addictive

  • Essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs

  • Essential oils have been used by Ancient Cultures for their health benefits

  • Essential oils are completely natural with no harmful side effects


  • Essential oils can penetrate cells to eliminate threats & help cells on the inside & out

  • You don’t become immune to the benefits of essential oils

  • Essential oils enter the bloodstream within 30 seconds


  • Essential oils cost pennies per application

  • Essential oil can be administered by yourself by diffusing, applying directly to the skin or taking internally

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