2511, 2017

Love Yourself First

In relationships, you go through good & bad periods. You have to put in work to get a good foundation to have a stable & happy relationship (whether it’s marriage or friendships). Just like in [...]

1811, 2017

Living for Today!

In the last couple years I’ve had to learn to not live in the past or the future & enjoy the now. I was always saying “why didn’t I…” or “when we get to…” All [...]

708, 2017

Body After Baby #1

I was so excited when we found out we were going to have our first child! But along with excitement was fear of the unknown. From the unknowns of being a parent, to how my [...]

208, 2017

Take Back the Kitchen

As a new mom of two, it gets overwhelming with everything on my plate. I am constantly trying to make sure my kids know & feel they are loved (even when throwing tantrums on the [...]

1004, 2016

Why Lava Rocks for Aromatherapy Jewelry

Lava Rocks are great for aromatherapy jewelry. Not only do they look beautiful but because of the porous nature of lava rock the beads easily soak in the oil and your body-heat aids in gently diffusing the scent to [...]

2402, 2016

Add these tips to your morning routine!

What’s your morning routine? Do you spring out of bed, ready to take on the day? Or do you hit snooze 30 times only to rush around five minutes before you should be at work? [...]

1801, 2016

How to feel better & get the body you want without ever going on another diet!

With the New Year everyone is setting resolutions and goals. Many are about wanting to lose weight & starting a new diet. I am all for getting in shape & living a healthy lifestyle but [...]

1001, 2016

How I learned to love my body.

My favorite time of each day is when I put my daughter to bed. It’s the one time of day I get to just BE with her. I will slowly sway or pace her room [...]


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