“Some dream of success while others wake up and work for it.”

For many of us working out and getting our “sweat on” is not the challenge. It is getting to the gym or exercise class or out of your recliner and to your basement that is the hardest part. Here are 5 tips to help motivate you so you get your ass to your workouts!

  1. Plan your workouts ahead of time. Literally schedule them on your calendar like you would any other appointment and make sure to include travel time! If you had a meeting with your boss at 7am you wouldn’t oversleep and not show up, so don’t skip out on yourself. Start making YOU a priority!

  2. Find a workout partner. Meeting someone at the gym holds you accountable and we are less likely to skip a workout. If you don’t have anyone to train with try going to a class. You can meet other people and you are still working out with others.

  3. Buy some new workout clothes. This may seem dumb but it seriously motivates you to go. I love wearing my new clothes and clothes don’t have to be expensive. My favorite pair of workout pants are from TJ Maxx!

  4. Take progress pictures. Pictures tell the real story. The scale and how you feel can lie to you. But when you take weekly pictures you’ll be amazed by the changes you see. And once you start seeing a little success it’s amazing how much you’ll be motivated to keep at it!

  5. Stick to your schedule for 2 weeks. People create routines after doing something for two weeks. So just keep telling yourself it’s only 2 weeks. After that it won’t seem like such a struggle to get up early or go after dinner because it will be part of your routine.

We always feel better after we workout, so add this to your list of things you do for yourself each week. It’s amazing how an hour of exercise 3-4 times a week can affect our mood, sleep and attitude!