“The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs. One step at a time.”

Everyone wants to have success in life, whether that’s financially, relationally, emotionally, physically, etc. There are many important characteristics that lead to success but here are some of my top:

  1. Believe in yourself This can be harder than it sounds… but we are all amazing at different things, which means you’re amazing! So even if one road ends keep believing in yourself & go find a new road, taking all you learned from the last. I love this quote, “If you were able to believe in Santa Claus for like 8 years, you can believe in yourself for like 5 minutes”.

  2. Do not be a people pleaser When you are doing anything: running a business, trying to get in shape, deciding if you want to chop your hair, choosing what to feed your kids… there will ALWAYS be people who don’t agree, don’t like what you’re doing & don’t understand why you’re doing it. If you really worry about pleasing everyone you will never get anywhere & spend all your time trying to make others happy rather than focusing on your goal.

  3. Be happy when people disagree with you You really don’t want to have all “yes” people around you. You won’t grow, your company won’t grow & you probably won’t reach your goals. Getting told “no” or having people disagree with you is an opportunity for growth. You grow by going through challenges & when you hear words like “no”, “can’t” or “that will never” it allows you to re-examine. Sometimes it’s best to ignore & keep on with your plan, but other times listen & change your strategy.

  4. Be Teachable If you come in thinking you know everything you WILL fail. You need to know your strengths & find others that fill those weaknesses. It’s amazing when you humble yourself what doors will open, the people that step-up to help & the favor that will be on you.

  5. Keep the right people around you You really are the people you surround yourself with. You want people that push you, motivate you, keep you grounded & can be honest with you. You need people to help pick you up when you are down but can hold you accountable when you’re slacking. It’s really about having people that truly want the best for you & helping you grow to get there.

When you start anything… new relationships, business, fitness, etc… these 5 tools will help you grow faster & meet your goals quicker.